Baglio Del Falco

Baglio Del Falco

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Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco Baglio Del Falco
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In a rustic and elegant, just outside the historical town of Cefalù (near Palermo) cuisine made with raw materials (fish in particular), the restaurant Baglio del Falco offers the best dishes of the Sicilian tradition revisited. The recipes are not overly creative, indeed, aware of the immense wealth that the sea and the surrounding area offers, are revisited to maintain the link with their origins. The restaurant is family owned, the owner John Genovese takes over the management in 2003 and choose the paper quality and deepening rather than the typical restaurants of approved tourist attraction. Among the first recommended a taste of grouper are the ravioli with pistachio pesto, or half sleeves with a ragout of octopus. Among the latter, cut the tuna in a crust of pistachios or calamari in batter with fresh spinach. For dessert, however, the real protagonists are the wife and mother of the owner, offering many delights such as apple dumplings and pine nuts or chocolate flan with mint ice cream.In summer you can eat under the olive trees in the two gardens, one of which is even bicentennial, while in winter the seats are reduced to 90 in most warm and welcoming interiors (a room with a fireplace). A good wine list complements the extensive menu, but another highlight is the pizza cooked in a wood oven but not least, for a meal faster and a little challenging, but definitely above average and quality of the bustling pizzerias in the Peninsula. Average price € 30. Significantly lower the consumption of pizza