Cinema Di Francesca

Cinema Di Francesca

Cinema Di Francesca
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Salvatore Di Francesca, a professional photographer, known as "Don Toto," found in 1909 by Salvatore Piraro, a former emigrated to the USA, the license for the cinematographic activities it started. Cinema, named "Excelsior", is located in a room rented in via Umberto I. The beginnings are not easy. People are suspicious and even fearful of entering the "mysterious" dark room, and Don Totò, entrance, seeks to call passersby to convince them to enter, even for free.
But soon the film enters the heart of the public. In 1928, Salvatore Di Francesca buys warehouse in Corso Ruggero, the main street of Cefalù, and there builds "his" Cine-Teatro inaugurating it in 1931, under the name of Cinema Di Francesca.
Thanks to the activities of pioneering Salvatore Di Francesca, the Cinema comes in Cefalu just in its infancy, and with it all the magical world connected to the Big Screen, along with the opportunity to confront social problems, to learn from so far away, to dream .


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