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Space: An area in which multi-sensory experience combining multiple emotions and experiences of culture, art and good food. The Literary Cafe Gallery of Cefalu was born to Angelo and Joseph Daino Provence, two young entrepreneurs who have created within the premises of the Museum Mandralisca a permanent art workshop and a place to experiment with new foods and engage with the artists. A modern decor, simple but elegant, it gives life to a sober and refined elegance that characterizes the identity of the local faithful. There are many activities that take place in the dining room and the outdoor patio of the gallery, the temporary art exhibitions to poetry readings, book presentations from conferences and sale of works. The goal: The goal is to create an atmosphere where satisfying the customer is intrigued by the design, color and light in space where you are moving but also by the culinary creations. Our local plasma sets each month through the new temporary exhibitions which take place during the year. We offer a space for experimentation and cultural activities in the preparation of food.Our children are traditional Sicilian dishes and ingredients of our land. But do not neglect the international cuisine. It is a creative Mediterranean cuisine masterfully reinterpreted that places heavy emphasis on quality of raw materials. A rich seasonal menu meets the expectations of various groups of consumers who frequent the restaurant and delight the palate of those looking for innovative proposals. The Gallery is a true artistic and culinary. The tasting events organized by the Sicilian winery testimony to the philosophy of the restaurant. Once a month, in fact, we propose a dinner where the wine's quality meets the sophistication of our dishes.


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