La Botte

La Botte

La Botte La Botte La Botte La Botte La Botte La Botte


Arriving in Cefalù you can not help but take a stroll through the quaint old town, where to eat good food and we must stop the Barrel: luxury inn that features the familiar, warm and kind. This restaurant is run by the family to complete Fiduccia: Pino's dad in the kitchen, chef-owner of Botte, who from his youth helped his uncle chefs in restaurants family, his mother Rosa serves as an assistant cook, son Toti instead follows the room explaining the menu to customers supported by his sister Mary who is interested in the case. The name La Botte is not born by chance, but derives from the old location of the restaurant since the previous workshop was very small given that initially arose in '87 as a wine bar. The menu changes daily as it depends on the fish that comes straight from the vessels in-law ... in short, a family devoted to food. Besides finding the classic dishes of Sicilian cuisine you can taste dishes created by chefs as a spatula excellent skewer served with orange sauce or fresh sardines a beccafico cake served on a bed of creamed peas. All marinades are homemade? and therefore interesting to taste the dish of marinated mixed starters. Another interesting dish is the revisiting of couscous with sepia accompanied by a fresh sheep's ricotta pie, to taste the fresh fusilli with tuna and wild fennel and balsamic vinegar capone. Conclude with a semifreddo with almonds or pistachio and ricotta.


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