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-The "Farmacia Cirincione" has been established in the prestigious Corso Ruggero 144 in the center of Cefalù since 1820. On October 23rd, 1865, the Cirincione family began operating the pharmacy with Salvatore, son of Donna Maria Teresa Longo, who was succeeded by his sons, Giovanni and Francesco. Then it was Salvatore, Giovanni's son, and his sister Aurora who lead the pharmacy. Today it is the turn of Giovanni and Lucio, which in recent times, have been joined by their respective sons, Salvatore and Andrea, who represent the fifth generation. The operation by the same family for 150 years has consecrated this pharmacy one of the oldest in Italy. The furnishings are original from the late 700's in the Venetian style and have a fine lacquer with overlapping carved friezes in a shiny golden color. There are also valuable paintings shown at the bottom of the main piece of furniture in the entrance, female figures depicted in the doors accessing the back room, and above the windows there are maidens, knights and satyrs evoking depictions of a Pompeian memory.


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