SlackLine 2019

SlackLine 2019

Wed 04 September 09:30

SLACKLINE in Cefalù 4-8 September 2019

The slackline apparently immediately returns to a "circus" sport: the acrobat on the rope in a vacuum.

In reality, the technical content is much greater: you walk on a tubular or flat "wide web" between 25 and 50 mm stretched between two anchor points, which can be in the natural environment, but more often also in the gym or in the environment modern urban or even between ancient and evocative monuments.

Unlike the classical tightrope walk, in which a steel rope with static qualities is used, the material used for the slackline has dynamic characteristics that cause oscillating movements that the athlete must contrast in order not to lose the balance.

It therefore requires balance, concentration, coordination, physical tension, creativity and courage.


The SLACKLINE will be practiced inside the "THE VILLAGE": an event in which sporting activities will be held open to the public, upon purchase of the TICKET to which you can have access to all sports activities except for those with a limited number , for which you must make the reservation and subject to exhaustion of seats.


On the program: slackline and more ...

... beach volleyball, climbing and much more!


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    Via Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina