Le torri della Cattedrale di Cefalù

Le torri della Cattedrale di Cefalù

Wed 24 April 19:00

After nine centuries of waiting, finally the big moment is about to arrive. On April 24th at 7.00 pm the towers of the Cathedral of Cefalù open for the first time.
The announcement comes directly from Giuseppe Marciante, bishop of Cefalù, who declared with great satisfaction the opening to the public of the Towers of the Cathedral of Cefalù. It will be possible to walk the steps and then enjoy a majestic view, overlooking the mullioned windows of the Tower.
The proposal belongs to the Itinerarium Pulchritudinis project, and also includes a visit to the cloister, the chapel of the Bishop's Palace and the treasury of the Cathedral. This initiative is part of a larger project that aims to redevelop the area for one of the most prestigious tourist places in Sicily.




    Piazza Duomo, Cefalù